About COS resell

We created resell with a sustainable goal. At COS, all our pieces are designed with longevity in mind. Resell is an online space to buy and sell your preowned COS pieces. By extending the life cycle of your COS item, we believe we can work together to make better environmental choices.


From seasonal designs you may have missed to COS classics. Through resell you can buy preowned designs.

We ship globally and, to ensure that every item is authentic, our sellers are required to share the product number located on the care label.

If any issues do occur, you have 2-3 days from the delivery date to return to the seller.


If you are based in the United Kingdom or Germany*, you can upload your COS pieces to sell. For every item sold we charge a 10% commission to cover the operational costs of resell. Here you are in complete control of the selling process, you set the price, provide the information and manage the postage. Just follow our upload guidelines to ensure your piece goes live.

For more information on resell please visit our FAQs.

*We are working on adding new selling countries.